Wednesday, December 21, 2011

let it go,let it go, let it go (this was meant to be up on Friday 23 December 2011)

Indeed it is!
It's freaking Christmas time!! So why am I in the office!!? WHY OH WHY?! I have the most awful spasm that only my dear Bailey knew all too well. Isn't it technically Christmas eve?! Why are we working and more importantly stressed at this time of the year, when I'm sure everyone where I'm from is enjoying the sunshine or the snowfall if you're there yonder!

But the end is nigh..I can see it!Friday!!Friday show yourself please!I need a break! I need to Christmas shop, I need to shop for my house!! I need to be anywhere, but at work.Oh wait let me be more specific.I need to be lying down, poolside or beach side, reading one of my awesome books that I've been lining up all year! I want to be footloose and fancy free. Oh wait and perhaps have someone fancy me... hihi.. I want to hold hands in the sunshine and giggle. To drink pink bubbles,just because we can.

To those of you enjoying your holidays. Super lucky, please be grateful! Some of us are SUFFERING! But it'll soon end!

Thinking about some of the great Decembers I've had with some special people. Reliving the INCREDIBLE experience we had with Kabze and MyBooty going to the John Legend Concert. 3 girls and a Mini Cooper, amazing how far that gets you! Haha! This is a fun life indeed! Also seems the season to listen to some still John Legend tunes.

Enjoy the holsies!!

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