Friday, December 30, 2011

And again I say Adieu...

Follow the rules

One more day till this year is over. Goodbye 2011!For old times sake, thank you. It's been real., not fake at all.

But this post isn't about deep reflections it's about how I love to dress up for new year's eve.Next year I'm thinking I might just want to watch the ball drop on Time's Square with someone special.

Layer the glamour from the bottom up!

Anyway I digress! Glamour is an absolute necessity for me on most days, but something about being on the precipice of a new year, says amp up the glam to me! Yaysies!

It's in the bag!

Just a few ideas of what I'd like to rock into 2012 wearing.Have to set the tone for the wardrobe whims of 2012.

Add a little sparkle ;)

Put your back into it!
Statement pants for New Year's day lunch
Keeping it LBD simple
Sssexy little Lanvins to dance in the New year!

I LOVE this New Year's song. Pity it's hardly ever played in South Africa much. Auld Lang Syne (Old Long Since) is actuallly a poem written by Robert Burns and then turned into the song that marks the beginning of a new year for so many.It is said that he got the tune from hearing an old man singing his poem...

Wishing you all a marvelously magical New Year's Eve and all the best into 2012. Maybe "auld acquaintance should be forget and never brought to mind," but whatever we choose to do and dream going forward, let us never forget to, "take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne."

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