Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We mean business...

In true google style.

So today I was chatting to my imminent business partner Bailey, about...a horse, of course! We come up with some of our best ideas over a hot cup of green tea. This morning however, our Bailey's  brightness came sans green tea. We need business cards!

Letterpress, always a goodie.

Yes, but of course we do! For whatever we plan to do, you'll need to know where to find us at the corner of amazing and awesome.

The O.G

So I was inspired and have been seeing what's out there.I do happen to know that the French might have created the business card or carte de visite as they call them.

Chomp on our deets - edible business cards.

This was the early business card; a little picture printed on thicker paper for friends, families or visitors to remember them by. Interesting side note from moi.

Simple.Easy to use and easy to carry around.

Check out these awesome options. We'll be getting ours done soon. Can't wait to see the finished product. Cos really now, we do mean business!

Show us what you do! Go LEGO!

Maybe you make it a little interactive.

Keep it classic perhaps?

Stamp your approval.
Saving the best for last.

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