Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Love this decor. Tribeca Standard in Pretoria nogal!

So while studying really should be my standard position today, time out to live is necessary.And so I blog. Mm and thinking about food, as I do, but thanks to WANTED I may have stumbled on a new reason to ride the G-Train. There's apparently a great new place to eat in the P.T.A. Apparently there are many great places to eat in P.T.A, it's just way to far to drive and well, we're just lazy and don't know where to go.

Looks like a station.

Lucky for me, my sister lives there, so I'm going to hop my hiney onto the train, she'll fetch me from Hatfield station and we'll take it from there(She doesn't know about this yet, but she will..teehee). Apparently their burgers are to die for at the Tribeca Standard, as are their chocolate martini's apparently. Definitely a place for Miss Jozi Foodie to check out perhaps?! Does P.T.A count as Jozi?!
Looks rather large.I prefer my restaurants a little more intimate,but let's try.

Need a new space to eat.Can taste the food in most Joburg restaurants before I walk in.Not a bad thing, but means I'm over it. Need my food served with a side of adventure.

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