Thursday, November 3, 2011

Take a bow

Having a conversation with my lovely Bailey, we were discussing a very handsome man I happen to know. So this is a story about a man, who wore a gorgeous grey bow tie, and how he got two girls talking about men in bow ties.

He looked even more handsome, not to mention elegant and you can see it made him feel a little sharper. The posture was a little better, there was a definite added spring to his step, he knew... ;)

Bow ties are lovely. They are however for special occasions and should be handled with caution. You lose the effect if it's worn all the time.

For those of you who feel the clip on varieties are beneath you.
Dressing up is fun for girls and we get to do it all the time, but even we have that extra special shoe, dress that really makes us feel magically magnificent.

A man this handsome will get all the ladies attention. Bow tie and books seals the deal!


I also prefer my bow ties on boys, although I do own one myself (teehee).

But there is no one cuter and more handsome than my Daddy in a bow tie! Okay maybe when I get one for my future little boy that looks like this, there might be competition.

Aah, but the sight of a well dressed man...

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