Friday, November 18, 2011

Living it up

What a week! Gotta love my life at the best of times. I've really felt the universe/stars aligning with my deepest desires.I am not sitting idly by though and waiting.

Living is not a spectator sport, neither is dream chasing, so I'm running a little ahead of the universe and letting it lag behind, because frankly speaking, some of my dreams come with a hefty wishlist.

I had a euphoric Wednesday night, well more into the early hours of Thursday morning.It's been a while since this little granny had a little razzle.This was by no means a full on razzle dazzle, I wasn't even wearing a dress.But I had such fun out with a friend that reminded me just how awesome the people I've met, especially this year, are and how my life is not boring at all. So thank you for the drinks, the laughs , the fun times.And as for the swim, well...Shut up your face!

Life is very short my friends.I get reminded every day how special it is and how many special people I am lucky to have in my life, even if we don't see or talk every day. So many new people who have made my life so amazing and I feel like I've known them forever and to the old people that I've  let go, thank you for leaving quietly and making life that much more festive.

Not a bad thing, but some things really do need to be left behind.Can't pack everything on our journey.You really won't use every outfit!And can you shop along the way if your life suitcase is already full?!

May the weekend be filled with awesomeness and moments as magical, well... as you can't even imagine.


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