Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little lunch

The french word for breakfast is le petit dejeuner. Which when directly translated means "little lunch." Mm maybe for the french, but for me and some of those I know it's a pretty fair lunch. I'd often rather have a great breakfast than lunch...Something about big breakfasts, late breakfast with your nearest and dearest in the sunshine, fruit filled and laughter filled and the nibbling goes on way past lunch actually.It says no rush, it says no commitment, it says leisure and absolute pleasure. That's what great breakfasts are made of.

Keeping it scrumptiously healthy.Loving the bowl and spoon too.
Such an important meal they made a whole movie about it!
Let's sit around the table.
Presentation is key. Yum!
Always a good time for asparagus.
Breakfast nook for 2
Keeping it literal.

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