Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Feel it and follow your dreams anyway.

Thinking about being 5 years old and what I wanted to be when I grew, well a private investigator for one, but how dreams change as we grow up and life teaches us many a lesson.

My dearest Bailey left me last week Tuesday and while I am so sad that I won't get to look at her lovely face across the desk and share chuckles (the Woolies kind and the good old giggle kind), I am so happy for her, that she has gone off and conquered her fear and chosen happiness, growth and living.
Tomorrow is the 1 December,another year comes to an end and by happens chance I am taking stock of my life over the past year. Wow, it's sped past, but also seemed to move at a steady pace all at the same time and I've gotten a lot done. Okay maybe quite a bit done.

While my Bails and I may no longer work together, her leaving the place where our friendship began, by no means, means the end of this friendship. This lovely, gorgeous, kind, sincere, so glamorous girl, is the kind of friend you dream of. Because let's face it, girl peeps can be pretty scary! Well to me at least. So this will be a greater new part of our friendship following our dreams both together (um..maybe we should get serious about that business) and separately.

While others might be dreaming of a white Christmas, I have dreams of white paper, sprinkled with the word contract of employment from my new job (don't have one yet,but putting it there for suresies!) Got an interesting call today, which made me really think. Don't hold yourself missy, you might not even know how deep your dreams really are.
If we say nothing else...

So as we reach the end of what was a great year, let us send out a big THANK YOU, to all those who've been part of it and those who have ceased to be part of it.

So let's go out there and follow our dreams, however big or small and embrace them as they change. Also try and make sure you have pockets, because I think you always need to take that fear and put it somewhere when it gets in the way. Really we are not machines, fear gives us the edge, we need a little.

But dreams trump everything and they should be followed with all our hearts!

Dream big, dream small, just get a little dreaming in everyday please!

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  1. I read this with tears in my eyes. We need a dream meeting. Soon. I miss you - coming here today made me realise you are irreplaceable (although we already knew that!)


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