Monday, November 21, 2011

Coming to terms with my...fatness

Ooh what a way to start a Monday. But really after a weekend of great eating plan derailment, I feel it's time to write this long overdue post.

I am by no means a weight watcher. I have never and will never own a scale.The use of those things is lost on me in a serious way.

But my fitness is of primary importance to me and boy have I lost that plot. But getting back onto the much loved exercise horse again.

My body loves exercise, without it, it suffers.No wait, without it, it makes me FAT! Fatter than I like to be. The truth is I'm off gym. Used to be a HECTIC gym bunny!

But after taking faar too long a break off gym, I just don't have that thing I used to have that made me go there sometimes twice a day 6 times a week. My my, where is that commitment.I was a machine.

Now I've discovered different ways to get my pulse rate up. It used to just be walking my fat ass up the stairs, but I think we've graduated from that now. I've gone back to boxing, which I used to love.Often wonder why I put myself through SUCH torture, but secretly it makes me feel good and I really can picture my targets so well and it's so soothing.

A little yoga always goes a long way.

But it was in boxing that I realised that my weight gain had got out of hand.I could not lift myself up for a push up of hold myself up whilst in plank?!What is that. I'm too heavy, not too sexy, for myself!Eek!

So I had to fix this problem asap!Decided to get onto it! So upping the ante.Diet was never really my problem.
A little extra motivation is never a bad thing.

But somehow my body needs to burn all the food it gets.So all I'm saying to this fat that thought it could live here is burn baby burn!

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  1. You are SO NOT fat silly billy! See you at yoga later x


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