Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Burgers are king!

Ooh a good ol juicy burger! The craving has long spoken! Yum! Thick, juicy patty. A good slice of great cheddar, a juicy tomatoe slice, a few rings of red onion, some iceberg lettuce, a bun, toasted to perfection and some of that great sauce (that only my mother makes)!Ooh burgers! Nothing quite like one.

Always good to have the stats laid out.

I'm by no means a McDonalds fan, well frankly, the exploding fat capsule for faster cooking, does not appeal to me.Nor does potatoe to thicken milkshakes (insert green face here). I'm not hating on Ronald and his gang, but I'm a real South African, used to real meat, and I prefer my burgers of the meat variety and McDo just does not make those.

The King..of the burger at least!

Burger King on the other hand, I first tasted many years ago in beautiful Zurich or was it Geneva?! Anyhoo,they are right burgers are king and they were indeed the king of burgers. Yumsies! They have just done a packaging redesign thanks to the design genius of David Iglesias.

I'll have err...everything with a side of all that.

I want to eat the packaging! Check it out! Dear Burger King, when are you coming to South Africa again? I heard a rumour that it's pretty soon...Ooh hoo!! Can't wait!

Keep it simple and delectable. Old school twist, just like I like my burgers. the gherkins look scarily phallic!(#justsaying)
My favourite part 1.

My absolute fave and I also heart what goes in there, exponentially.

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