Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Love Lost ...

What a year it's been! Sped past, but it's been full of amazing opportunities and learning slants (curve seems a little too mild). It's also been a year where I've seen, been introduced to and been around amazing loves. From my parents celebrating their 30th Anniversary, to new friends seeing in their second anniversary and another new friend on 8 months in, but everyone is all loved up none the less and each story is as beautiful and as different as the next. Really made me take stock of my no-mantic life.

Always happy to be single, but I've really been thinking about my loves past lately. Though few, some have had a huge impact on my life. There's my first love, who let's just say, I am grateful was not my last and I now realise has no place in my great loves hall of fame.
My subsequent loves, though only one main one, have real presence in my heart and mind.They forced me to look at myself inside out and grow. Love is growth. Or as Jamie Foxx sings, " love brings change."

Breaking up is hard to do. It is no lie. But just because people are not together, doesn't mean the love isn't.An interesting internal debate or rather a consternation of sorts, the love is there, but the two of you shouldn't or can't be together. Who knows why.But now for this moment, this is what's best for you, for them. There is no love lost, but you are off finding yourself or on a separate adventure in this journey called life.

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