Friday, September 23, 2011

Dream hunter

So my dear Rochie comes to me this morning saying she dreamt about Bailey and I last night. Bailey was however wearing her husband's hunting shirt, which was by all means not  a nicie. Now Bailey's husband is neither a hunter nor would she wear a shirt that sounds the way Rochie described the one in the dream, but we had a good laugh none the less.

Though come to think of it, Rochie's hubby is a hunter and so is her dad and I have eaten some DELICIOUS pies and an out of this world fillet, because of both hubby and dad. Bailey does have an immense knowledge of bullets though, which is hilarious if you see her! The correlation is a difficult one to see out right. Tee hee!
Ooh these girls are my daily delight!

So this is me still having a giggle and imagining what the hunting attire looked like. Here are my options.

Though Bailey has a penchant for horns.

Kitsch hunting chic is where this scarf is going.
Marilyn Monroe rocking turkey hunter chic! (fishnets and hunting)
These boots were made for hunting.
Elbow patches! Now we're talking!
Hunting in Hermes
For a little hunter sweetie pie face

An aah moment from Good Will Hunting.


  1. Wow! I had such a giggle reading this post now! It’s amazing what the mind does in a deep state of rest. To give a bit more flesh to the dream; the shirt Bailey was wearing looked like this one only with white embroided birds on... random! Thanks for transforming a funny dream into something brilliant!

  2. Aaah the infamous two-tone. I have just read this post now and the funny thing is that on Saturday I did don one of my husband's shirts to go out. You will both be pleased to know it was more worn-denim than fly-fishing-in-Dullstroom uniform :)


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