Monday, September 12, 2011


The picture that started it all D'espresso in NYC
My dear friend Lizel sent me this image of a cafe/ coffee shop in NYC, which was literally lined floor to ceiling with books. How awesome.?!Well it's wallpaper,but awesome none the less.

Tea, table, Tolstoy. A library and cafe in one = paradise.

Now dear Bailey and I bonded over this idea. We both had ideas of starting a coffee shop, (rather interesting for non coffee drinkers). So when we met, voila, perhaps EUREKA!! Why not start one together. Now once again, we just have to get our asses into gear!

A little mood lighting.

So I decided to do an inspiration board of sorts of our ideal space. We'll sort out the ambience and beverages and crossing that Rochie will do the food for us from her incredible  future deli.

"In dreams begin reality."

Outside tables littered with customers like this, working it and working hard!

Or burying themselves in the Bell Jar.

We can ride our bikes to work and have a gloriously big window!

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