Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take me away from here....

Image take from Pinterest.
It's been a long rough two weeks. Actually this year hasn't exactly been plain sailing, but you know my body is giving up on me exponentially and shouting out loud I'm taking strain!! heart, head, legs, everything is tired!

Between work an school and work work and school work and individual assignments and group assignments and tests and trying to see my friends and have a social life, let's not even mention love life?!huh?! Who'd want to be with me, when I'm not sure when last I saw myself!? Makes me a great date!Might fall asleep at the table!

Anyone say holiday?! I'm in need! Even time away from the office might do the trick.Wait, it will do the trick!

Yes please! I can be here! (Image taken from Pinterest)

I want to be sitting here reading RIGHT NOW!

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