Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a ball ache!

Image take from piccsy.
And by balls, I mean those under my feet! Wow! I didn't know I had so many places in my foot that could ache.I never knew I had so many muscles in every inch of my foot, which on the grander scale of things are not exactly the largest of my physical features! Wow! Muscles in my foot! This is me! I am a believer! I FEEEL YOU!

Started ballet today!Wow! Who ever knew it was that much work, just  standing on the balls on your feet right. Enough props to you ladies who are on point for most any of the ballets I've seen.

Arms ache, from being in first, second, fifth, demi second, who knows what else! I'll be practicing my glise and I WILL be back next week!

Learning something new.

Image take from piccsy.
Love it!

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