Saturday, September 1, 2012


Oh wait...can I come out now...
Spring is here! Hells to the yeah!! (insert happy spring dance here (that should only be done for an audience of moi))

Besides the fact that it's birthday month!! Yay to the sies!! I LOOOOVE spring! I really do. I love sunshine, I love flowers, I love colour, I love the smell of jasmine in the evening when we take walks, I love the anticipation of the season, I love the expectation of spring.

Right here. RIGHT now!

It's definitely like a movie trailer of a season, I've just had a thought. You see weather forecasts, so you know the temperature, but you never know to expect that nip in the air mid afternoon, reminding you that it's not quite summer yet. But while it reveals some of what is to come, you never quite know everything of what is coming next. Springsies is about SURPRISE!

The new-ness that accompanies spring is also so laden with anticipation and excitement. Fresh blooms blossoming, sun rising earlier, making you face the day a little more in advance. I think it's also the season of chance and chances. You get to start over, take a second look, leave some things behind forever, resucitate and ressurect others, review approaches and take a damn good, fresh stab at all the weird and wonderful moments we call LIFE!

So HAPPPPY SPRING DAY YA'll!! I'm excited! It's going to be a great one!Have an awesome weekend in sunny Jozi. Enjoy whatever it is that you're up to, enjoy those you're doing it with and breathe in deeply, take it all in.

Spring is MAGIC!


Note to you my dearest blog readers xx

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  1. What a wonderfully happy post! Made me happy inside just reading it. And YAY to the SIES indeed x


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